About Face VR

To address the unmet ergonomic and hygienic challenges facing the virtual reality community, Jema VR is happy to announce About Face VR, a line of research backed products for comfort and cleanliness in head mounted displays.  We are currently gearing up our production facilities and we plan to have products ready for customers soon.  However, because hygiene and comfort are such an important part of VR evangelism, we are happy to work with companies and organizations who regularly present VR experiences to the public to provide immediate assistance and/or a custom solution.   If your organization would like to talk about getting some pre-launch About Face VR products please submit a request via our contact page.

Type 0 Hygienic Barrier for Public VR Experiences

 Hygienic barrier for public VR installations

For public VR installations or other circumstances where a higher level of hygienic diligence is required Jema VR is pleased to offer the Type 0 Hygienic Barrier.  The Type 0 Hygienic Barrier is the solution for maximum user protection and cleanliness.  The Type 0 Hygienic Barrier creates a transparent, impermeable barrier between the user and the HMD along the entirety of the user facing surface of the HMD.

Type 1 Removable Hygienic Liners

HMD ergonomics and virtual reality hygiene: About Face VR

Type 1 removable hygienic liners are a unique solution to addressing HMD user comfort and hygiene.  The Type 1 liner has a molded back layer adapted to seamlessly join with the user facing side of the Oculus Rift™ head mounted display without the use of any adhesives or other aftermarket connectors.  Type 1 liners are provided in both fabric lined open celled foam and contoured closed cell foam.  The fabric laminated open celled foam liners provide the most comfortable HMD experience possible as the open celled foam is highly compressible and molds to the individual contours of the user’s face.  The fabric laminated open celled foam liners are washable.  The closed cell foam liners are ideal for situations where multiple users will try out the HMD as the closed cell foam liners can be wiped down with a sterilizing solution between uses.

Type 2 Ergonomic Insert with Removable Hygienic Liners

HMD ergonomics and VR hygiene with Jema VR

The  Type 2 ergonomic insert with removable hygienic liners is designed to optimize user comfort by incorporating the biomechanical properties of the human face into its design.  With a wider cross section, especially at the user forehead and cheekbone portions, the Type 2 insert distributes the force of the HMD contact regions onto the most robust areas of the face for maximum comfort and secure connection.  Various hygienic liners mount to the inside surface of the Type 2 ergonomic insert to provide for a fresh and clean user experience.

Type 3 Ergonomic Mask System with Removable Hygienic Liners

The Type 3 Ergonomic Mask system separates the HMD into two distinct parts: the electronics portion and the user mounting portion.  The two portions come together to securely and comfortably mount the display portion of the HMD in the ideal position in front of the user’s eyes.  Strapping options, interchangeable liners, and user customization choices make the Type 3 ergonomic mask system the ultimate accessory for HMD comfort and usability.


3 thoughts on “About Face VR

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  2. Are these available now? We have a couple of “Oculus rift” at the college and the “hygiene issue” is a big concern, currently keeping it from being used by the masses.

    I’m thinking we’d want a selection of different foam “open”, “closed”, and cloth (depending on the user)

    We have venues where all would be applicable.

    Regardless if you do have shipping units, please email with pricing and availability.

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