About Face VR

The About Face VR project is geared towards developing hygienic and ergonomic accessories for head mounted displays.  In order to give users the most enjoyable VR experience possible, the About Face VR project provides users with the ability to keep the facial contacting portions of their HMDs clean and offers various products to make wearing an HMD more comfortable.

Velo VR:

Project SingletrackTM is the first iteration of the Velo VRTM virtual reality exercise platform created by Eric Greenbaum of Jema VR.  In its current form, the system comprises a head mounted display adapted for use during exercise, a variable resistance exercise bike, an RPM sensor coupled to the exercise bike, and a virtual mountain biking course.  The exercise bike is coupled to the computer rendering the virtual mountain bike course such that user exercise input (RPM) translates to avatar movement on the virtual mountain bike course.  We look forward to expanding the systems functionality to take full advantage of the unique experiences enabled by an immersive virtual reality system.

Hakawati VR:

While virtual reality will undoubtedly spawn entirely new forms of media, we feel that traditional media formats such as video, books, audiobooks and 2d games will still hold appeal for many users.  The goal with Hakawati VR is to create dynamic, social virtual reality environments for consuming traditional media.  We look forward to telling you more about this project as it develops.  Please contact us for more information.



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